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Gospel On The Streets

One of our main purposes as a group is to bring God's Word out there. And so mid-summer 2021 Divine Avenue initiated a move called 'Gospel On The Streets'

a move of Gospel Music thriving through the city of The Hague, NL.

The aim is to get close to the people, engage with them and bring joy and hope to the hearts of men even praying for  and with them on the spot.  

Mainly Thursday evenings are the days each can find the flavour of gospel in the centre of the city.  



Are you interested in Joining this evergrowing move? Everyone is highly welcome to join in with us in any way be it by singing, rapping, speaking, help in logistics etc. We love to collaborate! ONLY when we join hands we can reach greater heights for God's Kingdom!

Find more media about GOTS on instagram: @gots_thehague


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