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The Avenue story

Divine Avenue GMG is a young gospel music group based in The Hague, The Netherlands consisting of musicians with a deep passion for Christ. They are at times labeled as singer-songwriters, worshipers or street musicians. The group has been founded on the 2nd of December 2016 by Randy Kumi. Ever since that day, the group has been one of the  upcoming youthful gospel groups in the region of The Hague representing gospel music.


After some years, at the beginning of the year 2021, the group had to rebrand herself entirely; having the need to release some of her members and review its goals and vision. And so new faces are representing the group destined for a new divine journey.

Divine Avenue holds a purpose of bringing the message of God's love across the world and so evangelizing through music in different forms of creativity. Therefore her slogan being 'Messages of divinity through music creativity'. Beyond singing at events Divine Avenue places a big importance on the spiritual aspect as well as the social part of her existence to be engaged with the people. Some of our main activities are therefore weekly biblestudies, Sofa Sessions,  worship conferences, distributing food and clothes to the homeless, singing at homes and foremostly singing on the streets. And so in the Summer of 2020 Divine Avenue started GOTS: the so called ‘Gospel On The Streets’ movement. Since then the group has been bringing flavors of joy, love and soul to the streets in collaboration with other musicians.

Divine Avenue focusses on releasing her creativity by writing her own songs in both Dutch and English putting her own stamp in the gospel music industry.  Creating medleys  and gospel twists of known songs also characterizes them.  

Thus, Divine Avenue performs songs in different styles within the Gospel Genre. 


The history of divine avenue; one of our first rehearsal/sessions.How we began. O
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